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Visit Savannah

Visit Savannah


This campaign’s purpose is to boost tourism in Savannah, GA, around Halloween time.

A little known fact is that Savannah is one of the most haunted places in America, making it the perfect place to get spooked.



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Digital PRINTS

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The Savannah ghosts have been around so long, they’ve mastered the internet.

These tricky ghouls will take over during the months of September and October in order to lure tourists to their creepy abodes.


Ghostly Reviews

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Did the room just get colder? Feel like you’re being watched?

Use the Scare-O-Meter device to determine if a Savannah ghost has escaped your computer screen and decided to spend the night with you!

SCARE-O-METER will be placed throughout the city of Savannah. Refer to map to find the exact location.

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Cristy Sauceda / Copywriter